Doa Seorang Gadis (Berumur 17 Tahun)

I found this blog entry at a random blog I visited just now. I want to share it because:

1. It's (kinda) sweet.
2. It's how kids write nowadays. Update your lingo people!
3. The structure and phrasing of the do'a is, unique.


Ya terlalu syg n cntakan dye...bagaimana aq nk criw kbhgiaan utk dye pabila saat berdmping n bersama ngn ku?? bila kah msa e2 akn tba?? bla Ya ALLAH?? aq terlalu syg perlukan dye utk menemani hdup aq...bersama aq hingga akhir sedey n bahkan mungkin akn jdi gla kalu dye bersama ngn gurl len..gurl yg bakal jdi isteri dye yg bakal jdi ibu utk ank3 akn jelez Ya akan taw aq xley terima keadaan..maka aq mohon pada MU YA ALLAH..kuatkanlah keimanan aq...kuatkanlah semnagt aq utk mnempuhi dugaan percntaan pada masa skunk dan masa xnk gla sbb cinta yg terlalu xnk jdi gla sbb cinta yg xmau jdi gla sbb cinta yg memakn dri n aq xnk jdi gla sbb cnta yg sekejap dan bertepuk sbelah tgn...he asked me 2 removed him..but wat bout me asked him 2 removed dat Ha***m?? he does not seem so cared bout it..but its oky..i dun care as long he really loved me YA ALLAH...i knew he is my destiny..pliz YA ALLAH..i need him 4 da rez of my life...his da one for me...i want him 2 be my husband n a dad 2 my children YA ALAH...pliz make my wish come true..pliz YA ALLAH.......AMIN...

What can we learn from this piece of prayer?

1. This 17 year old girl wants to have her BF's babies!
2. She's on the verge of becoming gaga over her BF.
3. Cinta tiga segi
4. This couple only know each other through Facebook.
5. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Is this how teenagers date nowadays? Through Facebook? Do they actually see each other? And the babies, will she throw them away upon conceiving them? Will the baby hatchet be of use? Will they use condoms when they actually have sex? Will they have sex?

Ah, the secret lives of malay teenagers....


Anoneemus™ said...

Yeah, he'd better remove that Ha**m.



funny structure though... got those kind of sms... when wrong is use often and long enuff it becomes rite. Go figure...

azyan azilah said...

on the first sight of this,i really thought of killing myself. tak dapek nk abeskan baca oiii..

alahaii adekku sayannggg

wanies said...

on word. STUPID

sugartrip said...


haidar said...

damn she's a yg buat saya malu untuk ngaku saya seorang gemini.

Mae said...

she's so young, already pikir benda2 macam ni?

i dont even have a bf when i was 17, let alone thinkin dat i wana hav em babies? O_O

kids these days..

LoLLy~ said...

she's just thinking too much
yeahh, kid these days~ *sigh

Ann Alien said...

GASP. I really had no idea the m'sian shorthand lingo was like that. It's like a foreign language! Gave me a headache trying to decipher... My Cikgu Ramlah would have a heart attack reading it because, the language is pretty much raped. (sekarang = skunk?! cari = criw?!) D: D: )':

Why eh?

Is it considered cute/ cool?

No one (in the teen world) thinks it's moronic?

No seriously, I'm traumatised.

Afiq Deen said...

Ha**m to Haram kan. Kenapa itu pun kena censored?

Biasalah budak-budak. Zaman kita dulu pun kita ada gaya sendiri yang pelik lagi bengong, cuma tak ada internet untuk menjadi bukti.

Welcome to their world. I also know a handful of adults who uses this lingo. Yeah, I think they think it's cool AND cute.

Try reading the entry 50 times over and over. Berdarah mata!

booby trap said...

"but wat bout me asked him 2 removed dat Ha***m?? "

Ha***m tu NAME the other woman guessing its HANEEM.

haram does not make sense in that sentence.
plus haram has only 5 letter whereas the censored word has 6.

Frazer said...

he asked me 2 removed him..but wat bout me asked him 2 removed dat Ha***m??

remove the 'what'?
why skunk, why not skrg. still blurr bout 'criw'..
anyway, funny post.

sHiKa said...

i like this post.
my friend once said to me: its the end of the world. people cant figure what need to be private and what not. haha..
i dont need 50, just reading 4 lines pun dah boleh berdarah mate...T_T

ina said...

hahahahahhahahahahhahahahhaha this post actually made me laugh! sheesh. they think they know EVERYTHING!!! theres more to life than having babies with some stranger u meet on fb

Afiq Deen said...

Well, they'll learn it the hard way: growing up.

I totally agree with you sHiKa. Some things are meant to be kept private. Maybe there should be a religious ruling on things we can post on the internet.

Anonymous said...

aku speku Ha**m tu Halim,
bf dia bisek.. haha

Huffvube said...

on word. STUPID