Mistreated, Cheated and Exiled

I'm all for capitalism. Hariz believes in socialism.
"Happiness comes from contentment," he said. "and socialism provides equality that can only produce contentment."
I understood every word he said even though I doubt he knows the full extent of socialism. Decades ago, the Parti Komunis Malaya were Malaysia's socialism frontliners. PKM sprouted when the Japanese forces temporarily invaded Malaya and performed countless casualties on chinese in Malaya.
I visited PKM's stronghold at Thailand and saw the blood stains and debris of PKM's struggle. There were all signs of undisputed valour but it is what it is. Blood stains and debris.
When family members of chinese living in Malaya were killed and threatened, they turned to Chairman Mao and joined Parti Komunis Malaya. Chairman Mao educated them with his brand of political doctrine and urged them to fight the Japanese. The British aided PKM with weapons and just after the Japanese left Malaya, the British turned their backs on PKM and labelled them as terrorists. PKM members spent decades of their lives in tunnels like these:
They ate, slept, trained and even got married in these tunnels, only to be constantly attacked by the Japanese, British and later, the Malaysian government.
Their struggle bore nothing but despair and sadness. Chairman Mao who promised them with a sizeable pension discarded them like yesterday's newspaper. To this very day, the Malaysian government enforced a compulsary 4 years prison time for old PKM members to reenter Malaysia.
Millions of people fought for socialism. Millions of people died for socialism. Millions of people spent their whole lives to make socialism a reality, only to realize that socialism is just a worse kind of today's capitalism. Socialism is how capitalists use convenient ideologies to make profit from people's blood and sweat.
So that's what I think Hariz.
I think socialism is a big scam. Che Quevara had ADD. The revolution is just a counterculture. A temporary yet destructive counterculture.

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