Hunger Strike Haram

The new Mufti Perlis, Datuk Dr. Juanda Jaya said that the practice of Hunger Strike is Haram because it is similar to a Hinduism and Buddhism practice.

This is a very stupid excuse.

If this is the logic used by the Mufti then everything started or initiated by Hindus or Buddhists is Haram like the consumption of:

If that is so, people who eats Nasi Beriyani (or more specifically, Nasi Royal) will receive 'musibah' or a godsent tragedy like suddenly becoming retarded like what happened to these innocent unknowing youngsters :

I prefer Mufti Johor, Datuk Mohd Tarir's excuse which is its haram "Because Muslims are required to take care of their own lives," Mohd Tahrir said.



Stupid people in large groups can be a majority. Sigh.

KakaXY said...

reminds me of wearing tie is haram

Miss Aida said...

Hmm. Isn't hunger strike similar to suicidal intent, in which case, might be considered haram?

I suppose some people might think it as jihad, which might change it entirely.

My personal opinion is the fact that God has blessed us with bodies, and we are responsible for the care of our own selves.

Fathiah said...

Salam ... Afiq , i agree with u too , mufti johor's fatwa is far more logical to be accepted . And to miss aida , yup it can be considered a suicide intent . for a more detailed explanation , i guess this link ould benefit us

Anonymous said...

dear adik2,

would like to remind all of u and us to be more carefulll of what we write and show to public. At the end of our day we will die and our soul will return to Allah our creator ( u say GOD??).

if u believe in Islam be a better muslim, don't be a muslim just bcoz u were born muslim.if that so, u'll lose.

pls read more about Islam, either it logical or not. What Allah wants might not be logical @ all. And Heaven is not logical either... u c?

If we perform any act that is similar to what other religion is doing , yes it is haram. It is not the mufti's logical unswer but it was our prophet's hadis. (if u believe).so u better be carefull...Islam has it own standard , which is not base on logical but base on what Allah command.

It minght not be logical 2u or to others but u r not the jugde, u will be judged. so again be careful of your saying.