Ketua Saintis Dunia is a Fraud?

Oh yes, no doubt about it. First of all, there is no such thing as a Ketua Saintis Dunia. That position does not exist.
He has Attention Deficit Disoder and Grandiose Delusion Disoder. Take a look at one of his 'genius' math technique:

1 = 2?

If I were to speculate, this ex-math teacher had a circuit in his brain accidentally cut off when marking hundreds of his students' math exam papers. I mean, 1 = 2?
If there's one thing I know about math, it's the only 'certain' and logical thing in the world. In the philosophical aspect of Mathematics, one is of oneness, of having one God, one earth, one person. Two deals with the concept of duality, of having good and evil, big and small, black and white.
Down to the very core of mathematics, 2 is not the equivelant of 1.
It is only possible before the big bang, before the root of creation as we know it. Before there was any movement that governs time, numbers, speed and measurement perceptible to human beings.

Mr Abdul Halim Bustaman needs help. With his math and his brain. If you think his genius math techniques are relevant in this world and would like to have him as your children's math teacher, call him up: 013-6655254. If not, don't tell me that he's not crazy because otherwise you'll contradict yourself.

And that (self-contradiction) is the first sign of being Mental!


Benrauf said...

there is no such a position like 'Ketua saintis dunia' but the most respectable scientist on earth (Steph Hawking) is handicap

Afiq Deen said...

scientists uses their ______ therefore their ______ must be in perfect condition.

zaFfa said...

R U stupid or what? Stephen H. is physically handicapped but he has a brilliant brain, as required as to be a top scientiest.

Dat ketua saintis dunia guy is mentally handicapped.... get the point?

Moja Amin said...


1=2 ?

Maybe the concept of oneness is arguable for some, even in Religion. Let's check the Triune God concept in Christianity. 1 God = 3 Gods?

Well, people WILL believe whatever shits they wanted to believe. (even if it sounds utterly stupid.)

Anonymous said...

Dia tidak mental.

Dia cuma ditimpa musibah.

Orang yang mental,

adalah mereka yang berjalan di atas muka bumi ini,

dengan sombong dan takabbur ...

Afiq Deen said...

yang beritahu semua orang "Aku tahu, kau tak tahu."

Well then, he's VERY mental.

Anonymous said...

i saw him in UM! haha

An Ikram said...

selalu nampak dia kat masjid jamek, with his blue robe.

Mental, indeed.

Afiq Deen said...

short circuit.

: D

tak baik ejek orang.

Helmi Razali said...

i'll tell you when i can recall what was wrong with his method

Helmi Razali said...

there's a problem with his calculation. my teacher showed me this before. but i cant remember the damn reason. that's why it's wrong.

Syabab Musafir Kasih said...

apapun, dia ada kelebihan di jalanan. kamu ada ke?
berani ke mengajar di jalanan? ceramah? apa2 aje ?

sekurang2nya dia ada teori. betul atau salah, otak dia berfikir. manusia malas berfikir tetapi rajin mengejek. rajin berblog juga utk meraih pengunjung dan buat duit.

syabas utk entry ejekan ini.

tidak salah mengejek, tapi jika tidak kena pada tempatnya dinamakan zalim. zalim pada org yg tak buat zalim pada kita adalah neraka. neraka pula tempat orang2 yg berdosa.

tapi sy yakin en.abdul halim bustaman memaafkan orang yg mengejeknya. sebab, dia tidak gila untuk mengejek orang lain. dia bz dengan teori matematikal sainsnya.

maaf, sekadar komen.

Anonymous said...


Kalau 1=2 tidak logik .. maka cuba jelas logik di sebalik Mobius Strip ..

How could a two sided two edges band of paper can turn into a one side and one edge ?

2 edges 2 sides = 1 edge 1 side ?

Pakcik ini memang genius !

Anonymous said...

Readers who are impressed by Ketua Saintis Dunia's demonstration that 1=2 need to get their heads checked.

Bravo to Afiq for saying 1=2, and not MAYBE 1 CAN BE 2 (it can't, unless your mental state is close to KSD's).

Here is how he pulled this trick - the cancellation of the term (a-a) on both sides is illegal, because in order to do so you need to divide both sides by a-a, which is 0. In mathematics, division by 0 is illegal and has no meaning.

Now the point is if you allow illegal operations in mathematics you can make all kinds of claims, like 1=2. Probably many teachers did not teach that you cannot divide by 0, otherwise, how come there are so many people who are impressed by this trick? It shows how bad the general level of mathematics is in Malaysia.

I don't know anything about Mobius strips, but I advise people who are mystified by mathematics to ask a professor in a university to explain the mystery and not listen to people pulling tricks on the streets.

Today KSD appeared in a public lecture by a nobel laureate, trying to ask a question. Luckily the MC did not pick him, as I cannot imagine how embarassed we all will be. He is a regular appearance in KL and I am sad that he chooses to live like this instead of teaching properly in a school, explaining why 1 is not 2, instead of making tricks to con young people.

pikir kool said...

i might be a bit late on giving a comment, but maybe afiq's memory on this can be refreshed accordingly.

the notion of '1=2' can be only be true when we're able to escape the semantics of common arithmetic whereby each digit need not necessarily translate to a value in a base 10 paradigm.

1=2 has also been proposed by proponents of lateral thinking which propagate the need to think creatively. nuff said.

i only wish afiq could suspend his judgement and think deeper before he speaks.

Len said...