Action TVC in the Making

I'm currently finishing a storyboard for a video competition that I'm confident I will win. Yes, that's how confident I am. Harharharhar (ketawa riak)

It'll be my very first action video clip. Loads of car action, extreme action, action action and it's going to be well made, unlike this video:

Raya Rumble main-main je. This video I'm making is for a serious competition. I love competitions. What's there not to love? Experience, trophy, cool reception, money money money, ain't it funny? In Afiq Deen's world....


emma songall said...

hilarious giler.

lubnaaa said...

I read this this morning:

"I have low self-esteem which is kind of strange when you consider how amazing I am."


Hey I liked Raya Rumble ok!

Le Rhadykallista said...

bb gun kah?