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Why am I not surprised to find out that most porn surfers are Kelantanese? But it really does makes sense, doesn't it?

I would like to think that conservative people are the horniest of them all. The horniest people with inner sexual carnage that defies bobbing dangdut girls. That hides under rattan cupboards.

Maybe those surfers are curious young adults whom conservative parents refused to engage in an informative sex talk. Been there. Done that. Like most of you, I too learn about sex from the internet. Where else lah? In minutes, I was enlightened (choir singing 'allelujah'). Images of breast, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera, horse, etcetra invaded my mind like an old flick. And instead of getting the bigger picture, I was captivated by the westernized version of SEX. Yeah, you heard it right. S to the E to the X.

It took me 4 years to learn about the dignity and purity of sex. The Bigger Picture. 4 long years. 4 painstaking years of discovering sexuality. Thank God I was equipped with enough Islamic knowledge to abstain myself from pre-marital sex. Another question loomed after the 'enlightenment' (another hallelujah). Masturbation.

Is it Haram? Some say it is Haram and some allow this action of self-pleasuring. But one thing is for sure. The Quran never mention about it, let alone restrict it. So be my guest, please discuss about it and show it in the Headlines of Metro. I have to know!


Soeone u know said...

Afiq u say that u are equiped with islamic knowledge but u yourself do not know that sex before marriage is HARAM in Islam. U from all people should know about this.

I am not ur mother. seriusly iam not.

Anonymous said...

If you want to talk about masturbation per se, there are differing opinions as to its legal rulings.

The Quran says "And do not approach adultery..."in 17:32.

Therefore if masturbation is the only way/act for a person to refrain himself from zina, some mujtahids have said it is permitted, just as long as chastity is guarded from the sexual genitals of others. Nothing is mentioned about guarding chastity from one's self.

Take note also that Muslim scholars are more concerned with the thoughts one has during the act rather than the act itself. Fantasies about women would definitely lead to zina, and therefore masturbation is more of an encouragement to it rather than a guard and shield against it.

As a fellow Muslim however, my personal view is that just because masturbation MAY BE allowed doesn't mean that it is encouraged. Take note of the difference--there are plenty of other ways to refrain from zina. Like fasting.

Lastly, not to burst your choir bubble, but isn't "hallelujah" a praise to Christ as God? Careful there.

Take care, wasalam.

-A Muslim sister.

p/s-My parents are conservative as well when it comes to sex, but it has never crossed my mind to use porn as a learning tool.

Adrian said...

Also, if I remember correctly, I have heard a hadith during a khutbah Jumaat that people who indulge in masturbation will be resurrected (dibangkitkan semula) on the Day of Judgment with pregnant hands.

Hafidz Baharom said...

first off, hallelujah means praise be to God, so that choir bubble is still intact.

Secondly, in my honest opinion, if a person comes upon the scenario where he has to choose to masturbate or go out and screw a woman, or a guy or an animal even, then by all means, pleasure away.

afiq said...


I do know, u are out of context and for that I will ignore your other opinions on this matter. What makes you think that I think that you're my mother? heh?

bwek :p~~~


Like aput had mentioned, Hallelujah is Praise To God, which in this case to Allah the Almighty.

I am aware that masturbation is not encourage in Islam. Which religionlah yang encourage masturbation? masturbationism? But it is permitted when one is in desperate need because for the simple fact that it may be addictive.

You're a girl anyway, they (women) don't really need to masturbate while 96% men do. So there you go. Marry one and ask that gunner, you'll be dissapointed...

I was expecting this kind of response... especially from a sister. : )


I heard the same thing. But really, some ppl have no problem carrying a 'pregnant' stomach. It's just a display of greed.
ay, ay, are you saying you dont?


Kan kan? More people should think like you! hahah! : D

Hafidz Baharom said...

Kan kan? More people should think like you! hahah! : D

you've got to be kidding!

if most people thought like me it'll be the end of the world!lol!