I'm at starbucks, drinking frappucino and surfing the net. I used to dread those who does this type of leisure activity but now I'm dreading myself for being a subject of my own generalization. I went to KL sentral to send a friend balik kampung. Not a favour nor a treat but a simple token of friendship, of companionship.

A nyonya with a crooked face is staring at me. One-eyed nyonya with curly whites wearing a polka-dot blouse. One-eyed nyonya that looks like an asian version of an american pirate. She's staring at me with a contented look, like appreciating a sleeping spouse before going out for work. Maybe she thinks I look like her long lost tomboy granddaughter. Maybe I'm just good to look at, God Forbids! Maybe she's looking at the SALES details on a banner behind me. But I would like to think that she's looking at me.

Yesterday, Tya, a studiomate I can quirkilly remember as the girl who buys clothes at expensive boutiques and used the paper bag to keep her paper models asked me about uncle Lee. She's a sort of person who goes to the gym and drink at Starbucks while surfing the net. She told me uncle Lee is her uncle's uncle and asked my acquaintance with him. I told her that he's my uncle. Now she wants to go to the gym together with me and drink at Starbucks while surfing the net. How I dread people who drinks at Starbucks beside a windowpane while crusing in their laptops. Now I'm almost 'that sort' of people!

But I didn't go to the gym. I went to KL sentral to accompany a friend. The person next to me just got back from a relief centre in the Phillipines (he was talking loudly to his wife in his cell phone)

Okay God, point taken. I won't generalize anymore. Now get this guilty feeling out of me!


Szakif said...

next time think wisely before making any generalization dear.. *i'm reminding myself oso

Aput said...


just enjoy yourself. and jangan ponteng pergi gym...hahaha!

cekmi said...

i think it is fine to generalize. its my nature too. its natural. dun worry abt it dear..

afiq said...

u guys refer me as 'dear' wtf.. haha.. its not our nature lah.. it's a decision.

hypocrite or not, i was gila2 dahaga. Plus, starbucks open at 10..

early birds catches the worm. Yes, even jewish birds!