I just found out that DIGI is contributely largely to the Jewish community. Jewish community contribute largely to the invasion of Palestine. Invasion of Israel contribute largely to the killing of muslims. So stop using DIGI lah. IT IS the only foreign company that shares Malaysia's sickly sweet waves of enslaved electrons.

Hotlink is co-owned by Maxis. The maxis founder and boss, Ananda Krishnan is an Indian Malaysian. Rumours has it that he supports the IFC. I could not be bothered by personal inclinations. Another rumour has it that he is the BOSS of the successful chains of Pelita Mamak Restaurants. Just rumours lah~

Celcom sounds good now. It DOES. What other righteous choice do I have?

My youngest architect uncle was officially married to a Sarawakian architect who worked volunteerly as his draught(wo)man during his university years.His father in-law was the Tok Kadi and they had to repeat the Nikah process three times because the official Kadi was too overwhelmed by emotions, like an old father watching his daughter sail away, only to feel the breezy presence of her baby skin smell in his sleep. And in his heart.

It was my first time performing a 'menepung tawar'. And it strucked me that I'm next .I'm next in line! The most probable bachelor. A bachelor who still has parental complications and complex(es). A bachelor that religiously hugs his bantal busuk. A bachelor that spends less than a minute in the shower cubicle and more over an hour in front of the mirror. A bachelor that is despicably un-bachelor like. A crab that refused to walk sideways and was labeled a new specie by a dumbfounded homeless man who turned into an instant millionaire, only to lose all his money to his fourth wife.

A bachelor that is mildly (sometimes medically) narcisistic.

A bachelor who is still confuse about the nature of Life.



Hafidz Baharom said...

Oh well, to each his own. Personally, I see that Digi is actually a good business model when compared to the others, because eventhough they don't have a 3G license, they are doing better off than the other 2 companies.

afiq said...

statistically yes, due to their limited budget for promotions and advertising. Its a competition that benefits the users. But then again, as a muslim and malaysian, one should re-consider their views on consumerism.

TESCO, carrefour and Giant. I'll spend my money at Giant because it is a malaysian company.

Be malaysian

Buy malaysian


Hafidz Baharom said...

I go to either Tesco or Giant. Living in Shah Alam, it doesn't make a difference.

Giant may be Malaysian, but Tesco is 20% owned by Sime Darby.

Guess who I work for...hahaha! Corporate loyalty, they call it.

Anonymous said...

ur a shit sabotaging digi coz they are jew what abt coke, starbuck u talk abt last time. heh stupid dah lah stupid no principle lak

afiq said...

yelah yelah, I'll be smarter next time okay? And I'll stick to my princips?

But I just realized that boycotting is a sign of weakness. We should fight them, should we not?

I don't appreciate you hostile approach. it makes me pissed and when I'm pissed I can't think clearly. I had to take a few deep breath before writing this comment u know.... such a waste of time~