Afiq's New Crib

Haven't you heard? I have my own crib now! Ya-ah! (it's pronounced Yeah-Uh)

It has been a rather arduous process. I did all the arrangements a month ago but only decided to officially move in today. How very Afiq of you, Afiq! So yes, let's take a tour shall we?

When I first visited the flat, my initial thought was "Oh, this flat has a kitchen cabinet. But, where's the kitchen?" It didn't take long for me to conclude that this flat only has a 2 by 10 foot kitchen space. To be honest, the spatial arrangement is a complete mystery to me. Where does the living room begins and the kitchen ends? Wait, where should I eat?

I can't forget the first moment alone I had with my rented flat. After paying the flat's deposit, I sat in the middle of the flat. I just sat, and looked around, and looked up, looked down, Oh hi cockroach hi! Oh die cockroach die! I stepped on the cockroach, which is not cruel because cockroaches aren't cute.

I made it a priority to clean, paint and furnish the house every night (within the allowable budget) in two weeks before moving in. I notice that interior designers like to use keywords to describe a space like classy or contemporary or modern or some other shitz. I only had one keyword: Habitable. This flat has to be habitable. Fast forward 2 weeks and this is what I did with the flat:

I personally don't like living rooms and since this flat has a small living room, I converted it into a mini studio for me to do my brainstorming and storyboarding. Since I am living alone, I didn't need a big bedroom so I turned the bedroom into a TV room.

The TV room has no TV for the time being but it has a set of mismatched sofas. I found one of the sofas in front of my aunt's house. Apparently a neighbour threw it out so as soon as the coast was clear, I ciplak-ed it and kept it for myself.

Here is the kitchen and dining area. I think this are will be deserted. I am one of those people who likes to eat in front of the TV even though I was programmed (by my parent) not to.

And this is my bedroom. It is actually a designated store room but since I have the whole flat to myself, I decided to have the most useless space to cater to my most useless but necessary activity: sleeping.

Well that's it. That's all. That's that. As you can't probably tell, I am a tad excited to be living in my own place. Rent is cheap. Water and electricity is cheap and the place is.. well the place has a 24 hour mamak restaurant! And a 7-11 to boot. Okay I am compensating.

Did I mention that this place has a 24 hour mamak restaurant?


Shazwani said...

Afiq,U masak sendiri? atau masak nasik je.huhu
n yeahh u already mention 24hr mamak restaurant..

Farhan said...

i love ur flat man !

Hamizah Hasnan said...

beb umah ko gempak doh..
dapat kat aku huh best tu...
hahah =)
selamat megemas rumah ek nnti...