It Has Been A While

It has been a while. I didn't have any internet connection for a month so that is why I am absent from the online world. Updates updates updates, I was recently in KOSMO which is quite cool.

I have been featured in The Star, NST, Berita Harian and Metro but this is my first time in KOSMO so I was pleasantly surpsrised when a dozen people sent me congratulation messages.

I am now working on two PSA for Astro Hitz as the director. It will be produced by D1 Production, a reputable production house. So as a newbie director, I am pretty much in the dark about the process of making a proper television PSA. Here are some sample storyboard to make this blog entry appear visually interesting.

I am really sorry for not posting any youtube videos but there was no internet and I don't go out of my way to do something that is intended for fun and laughs, unless I get paid for it of course!

Living alone is not as fun as I anticipated. Now I make all manner of excuses to visit my relatives in the weekends. If they are busy, I would go catch a movie alone or discuss about Anime at japanese manga/anime shops (I AM AN OTAKU!) In between those mundane activities, I would sit in the corner of a restaurant and stare at the teppanyaki dory fish for a full minute before harpooning it with a chopstick. Repeats process.

When I am at home I work. Work is fun. I have absolutely no complain about my work. This is probably the best work in the world and I am still considered as a freelancer. Imagine how it would be when I work permanently? More awesome fun I reckon.

Oh yes, there will be an afiqsays video this weekend! Weeeeeeee!


Hamizah Hasnan said...

weh best doh rumah ko.. hehe
tgok movie sorag2 ek...
mai la ajak aku.. haha
pape pn tahniah beb...
bila nak wat video lg?? kah3

MissOmmaWawa said...

wahhh. afiq hebat. btw, congratz!

Afiq Deen said...

takdelah. afiq ada sepupu yang selalu lepak sini

anonymous said...

you rearrange the furniture and changed the curtain eh?
curtain yg sekarang nmpk scary bila stay alone. terasa mcm ada entiti hide behind it.

Afiq Deen said...

I get what you mean. It is slightly scary but better than the flailing curtains I had earlier.

anna B said...

dekat kosmo tu.. dia tulis peserta frm uiam. u uiam student ke ?

yuking said...


Please see the link as below -

Thank you for your help