Two Babies On Its Way

Those are two rough ideas I conjured up for commercial videos I'm working on for Astro. Both of them were given a greenlight so I am super excited to get started. Next week I'll have a moodboard, script and full storyboard ready for the final preparation for what will be the most awesome PSA (Public Service Announcement) production so far in my entire life!

I am also scouting for new talents. I am not a very technical person. Lately I'm impressed with Shafiq's youtube videos' VFX especially this one. Story aside, the VFX is cool, no? I just hope today's aspiring filmmakers don't look up to these new and exciting media without classical knowledge of cinema. Even Tarantino, who broke the rules of storytelling can tell his Kubrick and Scorsese apart.

I am no bonafide filmmaker myself but I am a constantly learning one. One of the things I learn is that in film, there is a huge gap between internet meme and mainstream. There are always exceptions but those are practically kryptonite gems. Kids will go Whoa! but kids will grow up. When kids are all grown up, they will look at the films again and only go Oh... The trick is to get them to say Whoa! everytime they watch the film so in a way, that film has to be like an onion: sweet, layered and tear-jerking!

How about my film you ask? If you know me well, my soft spot has always been making ads and PSAs. My love for films has never diminished but it is not my full time job. Is it just me or somebody is unconsciously emulating Yasmin Ahmad? Although I am not a fan of her films, she is very dear to me. I remembered how I almost had an opportunity to work for her but God loved her more. So if I am inclining towards YasminAhmadism, so be it.

Focus, Afiq, Focus!

Ah yes, two babies on its way. I am super grateful that Astro Hitz is giving me the opportunity to realize my ideas. I like explosive ideas. They let me reign free so these PSAs I'm making will be so freaking explosive it will literally explode. Explosions! Explosive babies! Exploding explosive babies of explosion!