1000 Facebook LIKES and I'll Colour My Hair

I am known for my long jet black blob of a hair and for 23 years, I am content with the way I look. That was until an online friend told me that he saw me at the streets and he thinks that I should try something new with my hair. I didn't want to do anything drastic but then again, life is boring without a little challenge.

So I decided to make an online challenge.

Simple, if Afiqsays Facebook Page gets 1000 Likes, I will colour my hair with the most voted hair colour. But I have reservations though, I will only colour my hair with one of these colours.


I promise I will not chicken out from this. And to prove my commitment to this challenge, I will formally take an online oath.

Here goes...

I, Mohd Afiq Deen Azizan will colour my hair with the most voted colour if Afiqsays Facebook Page gets 1000 LIKES.

So scoot on over to Afiqsays Facebook Page and LIKE it. Don't forget to vote for your favourite colour at the sidebar poll.


aida said...

sebetul2nya, apa tujuan kaler rambut ni? nanti takleh sembahyang :)
haha...btw, kelakarlah kalau rambut ijau.nak like kaler ijau.hahaha

Secerah Pawana said...

Haram la bro kaler-kaler rambut ni..

Anonymous said...

rambut hitam lagi ok kot :)