Awek Melayu Gersang

I'm very sorry for not posting afiqsays videos for two weeks. To make up for my absence, I made a very suggestive and euphemism-filled video entitled Awek Melayu Gersang.

Why Awek Melayu Gersang? Trendbuzz. The most popular Malaysian youtube videos are mostly false promises of porn and what better way to surf along the current trend than to thread along that context.

The idea came about when I noticed how suggestive tudung clad malay girls can be when they are with their boyfriends. The way they eat, walk, sit and drink; sex is heavily suggested. In this day and age, Gen Y guys like has entered the 'omg I think I have to get married soon' phase so it is most unhelpful if our girlfriends (no matter how conservative they may appear) craves nothing else but sex.

Awek Melayu Gersang is a guide for guys my age to differentiate quality canaries from hungry crows. And yes, viewer's discretion advised. 18 and above only yo! If you're below 18, don't blame me if you suddenly have a BlackSwan-ish transformation into a horny crow. Your fault entirely!

This is my first very very very lucah video but I had a lot of fun making it. The worst part to make in the video is the ais potong scene. My cousin bought durian flavored ais potong and I had to pretend to like it. Worst ice-cream flavor ever invented in my opinion.

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una berry said...

perasa durian rules!
sedap apa

Wuucin Kimora said...

lalalala... aiskrim potong ;p

Hadi Deen said...

thats my brother.. daaaaang

khairie rahman said...

durian flavour?

Anoneemus™ said...

Afiq nampak berisi la dlm vid ni..

OK.aiskrim tu reminds me of Guru Pitka.

Anonymous said...

ive been afiqs silent reader and i notice that to this very day, everyone except afiq is concerned about his weight. why? he used to be very conscious about his weight in his earlier posts but now not so much anymore but ppl still tell him that hes berisi or fat. why does it matter i wonder?

Afiq Deen said...

It only show that we are progressing as a society. Some 20 odd years ago, only women were reminded of their weights but today, even guys like me have to be conscious of my body.

Because apparently, there are many fit people who wants me to be equally fit. Wink nod blink blink.

Austin Meyers is the King of Euphemism!

Durian flavoured ice-cream - yuck!

Kamilah Kamil said...

alah, semua perempuan sama gersang je. tipu ah kalau tak gersang. even yang baik-baik sekalipun. diorang cover dengan cakap "kahwin awal itu satu tuntutan" blah blah blah. pikir jugak sal hal ehwal kahwin-kahwin ni.

*I won't look at ice cream potong the same way again after this.

Anonymous said...

hahahahahhahahahahahahhahaha i was laughing like mad!!! omggg this is hilarious!

are u really this funny in person?

Afiq Deen said...

Gosh, no!

I'm the most boring person you will ever have the misfortune to meet.

Anonymous said...

i will never see the durian ice-cream potong the way it is again

Daya SooYoung H said...

U should buy ice cream potong perisa jagung instead . more delicious than durian . LOL !