Road Euphoria and Pay

We've finally finished both PAY and Road Euphoria! Wooohooo!

Road Euphoria is precautionary tale of a person who seeks cheap thrills on the road but with a twist ending. Watch Road Euphoria here.

PAY is a commercial video/ad/PSA about the importance of paying attention while driving. You can watch PAY here.

Enjoy! If you have any qualms, questions or comments, you can just write in to me and I will respond personally as promptly as I can.


Jannah said...

Just watched Pay and Road Euphoria. I think the scenes in Road Euphoria are very refined. I really like the picturesque details, but I was disappointed to see that the ending is well, expected. I think the story doesn't make as much impact.

But PAY. PAY is ... Awesome! I can't see any flaw. Though many commenters mentioned lack of character, I think it was great. The characters should really stay that way. I realllllllllly like pay!

Keep up the good work. I was amused to see that some people have recognized your signature on your videos :)

myadlan said...

I go for PAY. good job.

Afiq Deen said...

thanks Jannah for voting, although voting is actually very unnecessary.

Was it expected? Aisehmen, I was aiming to make the ending uncertain, with various possibilities. He could be: 1. Dead, 2.Alive and well, 3. In a loop (gone mental) I couldn't care less about the theme though and how it should relate with road safety. Taqqee wanted to experiment with car shots so I just made up a story to fit his experimentations.

Kan mamat tu, dia nak Kabir react to the accidents kot which I specifically instructed not to. I think the flaw of the PSA is that the beginning is too long (the slowmo part)