BMW Shorties Gala

Since Maria's disqualification, I have a little grudge against BMW Shorties but that didn't deter me from attending its Gala. I went to the Gala with my good friend Puteri and we had a lot of fun. Some chaos here and there but fun nonetheless.

We would stand at the most circulated corner and grab little h'orderves as we wait for our noir photograph to be printed.

At one point during the award presentation, Puteri looked at me and asked "How do you feel?" I answered "I feel like killing all of them." I was being brutally honest. I felt like I was denied of something I've wanted for years and I will, in due time, prove that I will surpass them (including the judges) in every way possible.

Then I smiled at Puteri "You want something to drink?"

Before I forget, Maria is in Women's Voices Now Film Festival's website. You can watch Maria here. Tweet about it, facebook-like it, vote for it, and relay your comments and criticisms to me so I can learn from you, you, you my future audience.

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