Komen Ustaz Ustazah di Blog Gossip

Tabloids are like candies. Very nice to consume but if we have too much of them, it can be hazardous to our health. And since there's no point of buying trashy magazines anymore (Internet ftw!) I read gossip blogs and websites.

If you're an avid gossip blog reader, you will notice something all gossip blog have in common. The content or subjects may vary but all of them have pictures of celebrities. And also, all of them have a string of comments from 'religious and concerned' readers.

There are so many holier-than-thou comments, you would think that PAS has a special branch to lecture the online community. Keyword alert:

1. Aurat
2. Dunia akhir zaman
3. Dosa
4. Tak ingat tuhan
5. Neraka

Menyampah, menyampah juga tapi hairannya kenapa ustaz-ustazah ni suka betul lawat blog gossip. Kalau dah tahu dosa, buat apa baca ye tak?

My favourite comment that sums my sentiments towards this type of commenters:

"Kalau dh islamik sgt takdenye kau nk baca post ni sbb nk tgk gambar artis. Kau pun dh sedia maklum artis ni pakaian camane. Kalau iman kuat takkan klik nk further read punya.cuba kau tanya diri sendiri apsal kau baca jugak.

A.sebab kau pun nk cuci mata
B.sebab kau nak tunjuk bagus dkt komen nk kondem semua yg kau rasa tak setaraf dgn kau iman dia

Baca belog gosip tapi nk ala-ala ustazah pulak.apehal"


una berry said...

I agree with u and that commentator

Nana Eddy said...

interesting perspective. lol

alice said...

The people making holier-than-thou comments verbally are equally sick as those making comments online. And having people like Aku Pun Islam giving some strong words,hard facts - makes my morning coffee moment pleasant.
Its better to hush sometimes or getting emotional, to avoid getting busted - for some people lah. Especially about non important issues like Gossip Artis.

Anonymous said...

Спасибо понравилось ! Thanks !

Hanie said...

hahah! Ba dom cha! Awesome

Anonymous said...

Благодарность за материалы! :)
Respect www.afiqsays.com

Anonymous said...

nalezy sprawdzic:)

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