The Great Outdoors

Aaah, the great outdoors. Nothing can clear your mind better than co-existing with nature and surviving the obvious.
I slept outside covered with a kelambu for a good 5 hours before it rained. When the alarm was sound, I crashed into my brother's tent Atlantis. I named it Atlantis because the tent is just so much cooler with a mythical/galactical name.
At night, as the adults spent their time reminiscing their yesteryears, and the teenagers emo-ed by the sandy beach, I lied down on the sand and gazed upon hundreds of stars, and that annoying satelite and ooooh look, a plane! I played Enigma songs on my iPod and imagined the stars to move according to the rythm's whims. Aaaah, bliss... oh look, another plane!
Tanjung Bungah is not exactly an ideal place to camp but because there were kids, we had to compromise. The fact that our apartment is just a minute away is also a supporting factor of this concensus. It's not exactly camping but it felt pretty much like the real thing. Better this than the last time I camped with UIA folks. Praying 8 to 11 with additional tazkirah in the middle of the jungle is NOT camping. Baik duduk asrama!
True camping aside, one thing is evident after two night of sleeping by the beach: I have a renewed appreciation for orthopedic specialist approved mattresses and pillows.


Nour El Ain said...

"Praying 8 to 11 with additional tazkirah in the middle of the jungle is NOT camping."

oh really??


A suggestion to IIU students... what goes on at the campsite stays at the campsite. The Tazkirah of course appears in the final report. Result Halaqahh cert for everyone... hahaha

Afiq Deen said...

YES! It's not camping. Could've done all that in a mosque. We're in the jungle for heaven's sake.