2009 was a good year. Here's recap of the 10 most important things that happened to me throughout 2009.

1. I tasted my first foie gras Yeah I know ducks were choked and stuffed to death but it is worth the(ir) suffering. It tasted orgasmic and I wouldn't mind having more of these unnaturally inflated duck liver in the near future.

2. I gained a record breaking 85kg and worked my way slowly to return back to my comfortable weight of 75kg. (All credit goes to Auntie Tijah)

3. I won several awards thay had my face printed on several newspapers and internet news portal. It is also my second time to be on TV for an achievement. This time around, they spelled my name right. Last year when I was on newspaper during raya they printed Dun instead of Deen.

4. My uncle who is a TV show producer let me loiter around a TV drama set he was working on. I was given a free pass to ask anyone about anything about production of the TV drama. And I did, much to the annoyance of the lighting guy.

5. I sent dozens of internship application to various ad agencies and got only one positive reply. I aced the interview but because of a conflict of interest, I was rejected 2 hours after getting the job. I cried for a good 2 hours.

6. I attended Shout award and got a VVIP seat. I was seated in front of Miss Malaysia and was behind Jac Victor. It was also a bit surreal to be peeing beside Afdlin Shauki.

7. I got my own hi-def hybrid videocam. It is currently my most priced possession.

8. I studied advertising like I was going to sit an exam for it. RM500 worth of books later, I got a gist of advertising without the degree.

9. Yasmin Ahmad died 5 days before my interview with her. It was one of the most devastating thing that happened to me because I wanted to work for her in Leo Burnett so very bad. It took me a week to recover and be able to smile again.

10. I decide to go rogue and open up my own studio. All I need left to start this studio is an iMac and a sleek glass to put my pencils in. I need your help here. If there's anyone you know who are getting married, tell them that I do wedding videos. Or visit http://afiqdeenevent.blogspot.com/
Gimme a mac and I'll rule the world!

I hope 2010 is going to be more meaningful and eventful for me and the people around me. Bring it on man! Bring on 2010!



1. Goose Liver= Foie Gras kot..., fillet mignon is the undercut of the sirloin (+- 100grams) , the most expensive part of any steak. The "eye" of the fillet is the best part. When cut from the end of the fillet it is also known as "tournedos" (+- 75 grams)


BTW Sometimes both are served together. Which could add to confusion.


10. Saw your video site. Yar-lar, Award winning director and producer :-) nobody can deny you that!!! :-)

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"I hope 2010 is going to be more meaningful and eventful for me and the people around me. Bring it on man! Bring on 2010!"


all d very best ya afiq dun eh deen


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I hope that I don't get caught up in a traffic jam tonight... drive safely and be safe... Happy New Year Over with the Twen"00's" and into the Twen"teens" the Millenium just turned 10 years old.

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