Anak Ikan

Anak ikan is term used by malaysian gay men to describe teenage boys who are in their pubescent period. They can be from 12 to 18 years of age, as long as they retain their boyish features and charms.

I first stumbled on the word anak ikan when a gay friend told me that his friend has an endless supply of boytoys in his rather large and extravagant abode. "Anak ikan, dia ramai betul anak ikan. Mentang-mentanglah mak bapak dia kaya raya, selamba gajah je dia bela."

"Anak ikan? Apasal panggil dorang anak ikan?"

"Kalau you letak tangan you dalam aquarium mesti ikan-ikan follow kan? Kalau you ade roti lagilah.. Lebih kurang macam tu lah."

I asked him in detail how his metaphore applies in real life and as soon as he finished, I was taken aback. His explaination was quite harmless, that anak ikan are cute growing teens who hangs out with older men but the unsaid extended to a whole new level of grotesque.

Because teenage boys are extremely curious, gay men who courted them took advantage of this by giving them options to explore their sexuality.

For example, Zaki is a 15 year old highschool student who lives in a flat. He has a striking face, a body of a lingering youth and popeye-ish sexual drive. We were all Zaki at some point so you should what I mean. But Zaki comes from a relatively poor family who can't afford to provide Zaki what they consider an extravagant lifestyle. So this is where Wenkty comes into the story. Wenkty is an open gay man who is priveledged enough to buy a Fendi once a week.

In a day-to-day swirl of circumstances, Wenkty met Zaki. Wenkty introduced Zaki to his world, where the Sky Bar is as easily accessible as McDonald's and a Nike shoe is bought with small change. There is no said contract. Zaki wants a piece of Wenkty lifestyle, Wenkty wants a pubescent companion that he can take care of. It's a done deal.

No harm there right? When you put a mature gay man and a curious teenager in a same hotel room, what do you think would happen?
A rather distant friend disclosed to me that he and his anak ikan's night activities are acts of innocent homoeroticism. Solah, a successful sales executives who happens to be gay told me that what he enjoyed most of having anak ikan around is that that they are easily persuaded.
"Once, I told him that nudism is a normal thing in my household and he should respect that." Solah said enthusiastically, as if telling a first part of a joke. "I had him stark naked for one whole week in my house. Seronok! Especially when I flirted with him, I like them anak ikan steamed!" He guffowed, pouncing on the kedai mamak's signature metallic table. I was disgusted but laughed anyway, out of courtesy.
"What else do you do with your anak ikan?"

"Everything else I can of course. I gave him what he wants but God knows I'm the one who had all the fun!"
"I gave them handjobs, blowjobs,.."
"And sex?"
"Oh no, not sex! Never sex. They are anak ikan for goodness sake, not my hubby. I just, you know, have fun with them. Are you planning to make a movie about anak ikan now Afiq? Nah try this blog." Solah keyed in something in his blackberry and passed it to me.
The blog was about a transexual who blogged about her sexual escapades and in her latest entry, she posted pictures of her anak ikan group masturbating to straight porn.
"Ni extra co-curricular activitieslah ni! Hahaha!" Solah let out his infamous laugh once again.
In some coutries, you can get arrested and put in jail for commiting ANY sexual act with minors, with or without the minor's consent. And I'm surprised, surprised at how people seems to be okay with this. Just this morning I read a status from one of my facebook friends:

What if you're the parents of this anak ikan? What would you do to people who'd taken advantage of your pubescent child's youth? What if you were the anak ikan in question in retrospect? When you've gotten married with children, how would you react to memories of you being an anak ikan?

Remember, we were all Zaki once.


hans said...

bagus entry nih
so, rasa2 masing2 boleh fikir lah jika yg jadi anak ikan tu keluarga diorang apa yg diorang rasa...
semua nih nafsu bai...
manusia leh berubah sebab nafsu

DanieL AdiE said...

love this entry too..
like is about KARMA!!
u don't want ur kids to be the 'anak ikan'..
so, u shud't start it at the 1st place...

Afif said...

parents of course will get mad and will go to the extent of reporting the activity of the man to the police as it is a crime. but as what you had said before, we WERE zaki once. so maybe to zaki it's not wrong for him. or maybe to his mind it is not irrational. he would have money and his peak sexual desire would be fulfilled. it's like they receive the most benefit out of the relationship..

KakaXY said...

wenkty? hahahaha

Sasanian said...

this is scary.
no wonder there's lot of hot single girls..sigh.

Anonymous said...

waoo..nice one afiq
but u surely do have a lot of gay friends. lol

Kamahl said...

You should also consider that not all anak ikans are completely naive seeing as you only heard it from one side. You'd be surprised at how much scheming, marketing, tactics and drama gets addled into the mix. From what I've seen and heard, it seems like a cooperation the way they work, or in this case, corporation.

wonder girl said...

LOVE this a new reader,and tis entry has given me such good impression bout ur blog n yeah,keep writing dude!
n those anak ikan out there,'re just being used n all whatever stuff u got from ur 'tuan' are not worth the things uve done to them.*sigh deeply*

Afiq Deen said...

I know that some anak ikan are very enterprising, which is good becoz the table is on their side. It will also teach them pervs a valuable lesson.

I don't have a lot of gay friends as i would want to. Most of them already boycotted me for denouncing their choice of lifestyle.

(nothingness) said...

great post.

but to project human actions on morality (or ethics) and to generalize homosexuality as "one lifestyle" ... is naive. you will never understand people if you choose to underpin actions on morality.

i certainly don't think tiger woods thought of that when he cheated on his wife.

Afiq Deen said...

I didnt.

Anonymous said...

porcupines and anteaters are different..your world and their world are totally diff.Best to talk but never feel how painful it is.-emma manjalara

Miss Aida said...

People have choices in their lives, and unfortunately, some choose to take advantage of those more naive.

A lifestyle chosen is one thing.

One that people are slowly seduced into is another.

Anonymous said...



bertjwygant said...

Everything comes if a man will only wait........................................


If Zaki went to tahfiz pun he wouldn't have been any safer kan kan kan...

acip said...

hey da facebook status..
it's belong to wenkt...


Afiq Deen said...

Tak guna la aku censored kalau jo kecoh. said...

nevertheless.. i love ur almost look-a-like wikipedia explanations..


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Anonymous said...

Anak Ikan: No one claims to like, but almost everyone enjoys. We ain't no Saint.


epul said...

Anak ayam also ikut mak dorang apa...Haha..Well, adults la yang responsible for this anak ikan, those poor anak ikan know nothing, they don't even know bout sex, not until the adults or media told them.

Nice blog anyway, provocative and really show that you are making friends with everybody without prejudice and bias.

I google wenkty, it's not exist but wenkt???Hm...

Afiq Deen said...


eh. a spam. Welcome spammer!

epul said...

Spammer who?


wénkt said...

I like this entry! Very much.

wénkt said...


Nama saya Syazwan. or wenkt. Saya yakin watak 'wenkty' di entry Anak Ikan di blog Afiqsays merujuk kepada saya.

Namun saya ingin menerangkan situasi 'anak ikan' dan perkaitan dengan saya.

Saya mempunyai ramai anak ikan BUKAN sebab mak bapak kaya, tapi disebabkan oleh business saya.

Seperti Afiq, saya pernah bekerja makan gaji di bawah orang selama hampir setahun. Sebelum mengambil keputusan untuk bekerja sendiri.

Kemudian saya muda bergerak di dalam business. Pada mulanya saya bermula dengan business homestay (keluarga beri tanah, saya usahakan), seterusnya membuka KFC dengan loan bank yang saya terpaksa bayar RM17000 sebulan. Dan membuka travel agent online di . dan mengekalkan khidmat sebagai Non-Executive Independent Advisor di beberapa tempat, selain menjadi part time French tutor, speech writer..

Seperti biasa, business berkembang. Dan saya ibarat tidak cukup tangan. Dan saya minta tolong 'mereka'. Dari saya mengaji 5 staff pada RM1400 seorang, baik saya minta tolong mereka bayaran RM50-RM100 skali skala, belanja makan ataupun beli hadiah. Saya tahu, ianya lagi murah dari belanja RM7000 untuk staff yang bermain facebook dan baca blog di internet.

Juga sebagai driver saya. Ye, saya selalu jumpa VIP, artis, tayangan perdana, MPs.. ramai nak ikut. Dari saya bayar driver RM1000 sebulan, baik suruh mereka drive skali skala, bawak jmp2 artis, teman jumpa menteri, abih kerja blanje makan, or bagi cash RM50. LAgi jimat kot?

Saya mengamalkan pengurusan wang yang boleh dikatakan cemerlang walaupun diakui boros bila berbelanja. Saya menyimpan 50% pendapatan untuk masa depan samada di dalam bank atas nama company, amanah saham, unit trust, investment.. 20% untuk charity (, 30% untuk kegunaan peribadi as perbelanjaan harian, bayar rumah, kereta, makan, pakaian, hiburan dan seperti kata kamu: Anak Ikan.

Ye, saya suka berkongsi di dalam 20% pendapatan dengan kawan - kawan saya. Kamu mahu Nike, kamu akan dapat. Kamu mahu makan di Sky Bar, kamu akan dapat. Tapi in return (or before that), bantu saya di dalam business. Bantu saya bagi pendapat.

Saya bagi dua contoh. Saya ditugaskan mendapatkan fakta mengenai jabbawockeez. ianya fenomena baru tarian selepas shuffle. saya langsung tiada idea mengenai jabbawockeez, kemudian saya berjumpa dengan 6 orang penari. dan mengumpul fakta setiap kali dinner selama seminggu. Dari kedai mamak dengan RM50 untuk 6 orang makan, sehingga RM500 di Chilis, sehingga RM780 makan di Hard ROck Cafe. Total abih blanje orang sepanjang mengumpul fakta: RM 1800. Harga laporan jabbawockeez: RM5000. Saya tak perlu tamak RM5k dan buat research internet dengan hasil kurang memuaskan. Saya masih dapat RM3200 tanpa perlu bekerja, hanya suruh mereka cari fakta dan pendapat.

wénkt said...

Juga kenapa saya berhabis beli 3 kfc bucket 21ketul dengan RM200, 2 kek Secret Recipe dan makan ramai2 dengan 30 so called anak ikan sempena birthday seseorang yg rapat dengan saya? Sebab dia bagi business yang dah bawa keuntungan RM2k kepada saya. (40 org pelajar travel, sorang markup RM50)

But please lah. Mana ada handjob, blowjob, anal bagai. Kamu ingat saya mampu untuk handle handjob dari 60 kawan? kalau konek panjang 6 kaki, boleh la sekerat sorang rasa. I know my limit: peluk badan dia masa pillow talk, masa tidur sekatil. Itu saja. Kadang - kadang ada 10 kawan2 kat rumah, kamu ingat saya mampu kunci pintu bilik? Kalau saya mereka berikan handjob, blowjob, dah lama mereka lari dari saya. Kemudian sure bising serata dunia yang saya ni mengatal. Oh. Bukan hot macam Remy IShak pun.

Saya tidak mampu untuk membeli "a Fendi once a week" seperti yang diberitahu di dalam blog.

Saya hanya berbelanja maksimum 30% dari keuntungan yang saya buat. Dari akaun syarikat, saya pindahkan ke akaun peribadi dan guna duit itu untuk my daily life. Saya bukannya typical malaysian yang masuk duit gaji akhir bulan. kemudian tengah bulan depan dah abih.

Now saya buat kerja gila. Berikut adalah bank statement akaun bank peribadi bertarikh 09 Oct hingga 23 Dis 2009 (2 bulan 2 minggu)

Jumlah duit masuk: RM 53,872.17
jumlah duit keluar: RM 50,010.64

Ye.saya bukan typical masuk duit gaji akhir bulan, tgh bulan kering. Saya jenis transfer duit profit company ke bank sendiri bila perlu.

OK. Bayangkan. Dengan perbelanjaan RM50k untuk 2 bulan 2 minggu yakni sangat boros untuk 25 y/o man, perlu ke saya suruh "ko makan, ko bayar sendiri", "ko nk Nike, ko bayar sendiri", "ko nak rokok, beli sendiri" kepada kawan2 yang membantu saya mengisi borang visa, mencambah idea untuk laporan, memberi pendapat bila perlu, memandu saya dari Shah Alam ke Putrajaya ke KL bila perlu? OH wait. Saya bukan Fendi man, saya tak mampu untuk semua itu. Tapi saya mampu untuk kawan - kawan saya.

akhir kata, saya tak yakin kawan - kawan comel saya akan kekal bersama saya jika saya raba mereka atau lebih.

Dennis (g) Zill said...

agree with u syazwan :)

Afiq Deen said...

U ppl so dont get it dont u? U think the world and my worldview revolves around you. Fuckity fuck think again.

Its personal when u make it personal. Well, you made it personal, for you n only u. U see how this resounds your labyrinth?

The entry is so general you can put your head into and u'll see the universe. But u decide to put ur head in a toilet bowl and guess what u'll see.. urself and traces of floating shit.

A Nyonya Moose said...

Saya sokong Afiq ! Hidup Afiq !!

Nice recoil Afiq ! Well said !

Fazzeer said...

wenkty? sounds like a friend of mine (who speaks french)...i know hes gay and yeah, hes got a million ringgt in his bank account...