not expecting anything

I was recently defeated by my own expectations.

A bowling competition organized by my studio was held two weeks ago and it sucked. BIG TIME. I was expecting 15 groups since I's already instructed my team members to get a hold of 4 groups each. My initial expectation (and the more sensible one) was 12 groups.

Unfazed, but also unsurprised, 5 groups attended the bowling competition. Solo, with less that half a dozen studiomates to assist me, I had to promote the competition to the public and I was successful of persuading 3 more groups to join in. It was a frustrating failure for me, something I would want to lock in a safe, only to drop it off at the nearest atomic bomb infested land. It also taught me a valuable lesson in project management.

Knowing for a fact that the level of commitment among my studio members are barely tolerable, I'm making money single handedly and will only in return, grant a 20% of the profit of whatever projects I'm handling. Because I still give a rat's ass, that's why.

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