Night and Day

The cruel pace of night and day, night and day, night and day is amounting some kind of rush within me. The rush that only gushes through my head, like a sucking sound. Panic. Relevantly similar to manic, I'm considerably drowned in the depth of it and yet I find more reasons to philander with new torrid superficiallity. Novels are sweeter as movies are blissful. And the rush of imaging a structure. God, two escapism dwelling in the same river of time.

Never contradicting, the sense of time is more real to me. After 2 years of late submissions (who hasn't?) I am getting more attuned to the logic of procrastination. And instead of evading it and lose the self-willed spirit of imagination, why not embrace it? Embrace the mood and make full use of it. Or in other, drunkard friendly words: work hard, play hard. The only difference is, playing is working and working is playing. Both are workable and playable. Both are related like distant cousins.

Yes, Life as I understand now has no plots like wisping gossips. It has no endings like plays. It has a beginning that intends no end. It is Life. A four letter word that defies any philosophical definition by men.


cekmi said...

"work hard and play hard" has been my life motto. but it never occured to me that it was a drunkard-friendly slogan. u know what afiq, im not a drunkard. but your idea made me smile. maybe i am. figuratively.

afiq said...

Figuratively eh?

Even if you say it literally, I'm not surprised. Drinking alcohol is as common as smoking in the muslim community nowadays..