I could be wrong but our society are now keener in making their own porno videos. Since digital cameras are more affordable now, personal pornos are sprouting like cendawan atas pokok basah yang dah lama mati sebab kene tebang oleh isteri pak leman, mak tom.
Rape videos lah, blowjobs lah, sex with indonesian whores lah. I do find them repulsive, mostly because most of the 'actors and actresses' are dead ugly and not so well-endowed. Hahah. Plus, the lighting is out of place and there's no audio auditing to cover up the shrieking: Bang, cukup Bang, Solehah dah tak tahan!!! Solehah, Aisyah, Khadijah. Beautiful names shrieked in the most unpleasant tone by wrangling bodies in the most unimaginable positions. And I do find it funny that in most videos, the men's face are never present. Only the women's.
And I wonder why are most of the porn stars Muslims? Most of these sexual acts are in form of adultery and some are instrument of vengeance by sore ex-husbands. By it keeps on coming. Every week. More and more. In blogs, pasar malam, thumbdrives, LAN, everywhere.
Abstinence people, abstinence. If not from sex, from the camera lah. Don't be stupid. And girls, if your boyfriend wants to record you getting humped, make sure there are face shots of him too.
A friendly reminder from a guy who lost his appetite watching those vids even though he was in the middle of gorging himself with his all-time favourite char keow teow.

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