I love you Hujan

Little did I know that the kissing picture appeal to more readers than the gun. I wasn't expecting such a response. But well in a society that taboo-es kissing more than gossiping, I'm not half as surprise.

But kissing is beautiful. The mixing of warm saliva connects more than lips, it connects people to a whole different dimension, if it is done to the right lips of course. The way tongues collide and twirl and grip is electricity. Most of us grow up celled from the visual of love. We never (or rarely) see our parents kissing or show affection and yet, teenagers especially unmarried ones do it so often that we ought to think that marriage is something that simply cease love.

I've kissed someone back in highschool but the kiss remain to be an exploration, a flirtation with rules and self-governed goodness. An edge to life, so to speak. The warm saliva was nothing more than me tasting her ketchup tasting tongue. The awkward wrestling of tongues is just an awkward wrestling of tongues. Breathing to eachother was done necessarily.
But I could imagine now, that when I found my true love, kissing won't be as a matter-of-factual as it was. It'll be a constant reminder on why I choose to share a part of myself as well a moment of temporary insanity. Why, I'll do it in front my kids (if I have any) to show them that kissing is what loving couple do and not something indecent and revolves delinquince.
Aaah. An insightful (a bit revealing) entry at last... My cynical side gets weary when it rains; only to be replaced by sprouting daisies and watermelons. And pink durians. And suggestive looking skin coloured rambutans. And pursing lips kind of flower that kisses the sun with sounds of joy. It'll sound something like 'kissu kissu kissu kisssss'

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